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HODLWelcome Ladies and Gentlemen, the aim of this new blog is to act as a filter on the world of Cryptocurrency news stories. There's a lot of nonsense out there in the crypto space and there's a lot of good stuff worth knowing too. I travel far and wide on the internet learning what I can about the crypto space. This blog aims to bring some sensible nuggets on crypto together in one place.
Now on to today's topic - 'HODL'. A light topic to start with today. First things first, no that's not my hand, I dont love cryptocurrency that much. What I really want to talk about is how HODL should be used - if you secured a good entry, maintain it and don't sell into shorter-term volatility. How HODL is actually used - buy the absolute top and wait for months while your equity suffers. 

Thanks for reading and enjoy the blog!